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Artist Bio

Austin has always had a passion for Blues and Soul music. He was raised in Memphis, TN in a household that religiously listened to musical greats like BB King, Ray Charles, and The Temptations. In 2007 he received his first guitar and dedicated himself to the craft, learning songs to emulate those early musical idols. Guitar became his passion, primary creative outlet, and a tool to handle life's many struggles.

In 2012 he experienced unexpected loss and significant challenges, and the catharsis he enjoyed from guitar seemed to be lost. Searching for a way to channel his grief into his art, he turned to songwriting, inspired by the heartfelt and raw musicality of artists such as City & Colour, Ray La Montagne, and James Morrison.

He spent several years thereafter learning to blend his guitar-forward approach with his desire to bare his soul lyrically, until at last Austin came into his own style. His songs marry his love of blues and soul music with his passion for lyrics that are transparent, authentic, and emotionally evocative.

Austin released his first album “Live at Heartwood Soundstage” in mid 2020 and an experimental EP “Chasing Sunsets” in April 2022. His debut full-band EP titled "DREAMS" released June 2, 2023.

Currently Austin is an Artist in Residence for the Arts In Medicine program at the UF Health Shands hospital, where he provides music at the bedside of patients. He also performs publicly as a solo artist, as a guitarist in a duo with Kyle Keller, and as a frontman for his band Eli & The Moonlighters.

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